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back at it

These are my finds from a long 2 days worth of digging this weekend. I'm sore from it all but its always fun when you're finding teeth. The highlights are my largest mako and largest sand tiger from the site as well as what I'm going to say is a Squalodon tooth.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added11/5/2007

the chubs, largest is 2"
eocene and miocene makos, the largest is 2.625", my largest so far from this site
dolphin-porpoise tympanic bulla and periotic ear bones. we do find a good amount of these at this site (obviously) but most of the other bone consists of small, worn, and fragmentary pieces, very rarely even a complete porpoise vert

unidentified mammal tooth
unidentified mammal tooth
2.375" eocene sand tiger tooth
2.375" eocene sand tiger tooth
2.625" NJ mako tooth
2.625" NJ mako tooth





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