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frozen waders

Sunday was rough. Temps hovering around 20F and the wind was ripping a little as well. But toofsnob and I ventured out and did a little more exploring in a Cretaceous spot. The first couple of hours were very slow but we covered a lot of ground and then we found a nice little spot with some definite potential. We were getting a couple keepers in each screen, nothing really special but I did get a pretty good condition small mosasaur tooth. Our neoprene waders were freezing right on us, as well as our shovels, gloves, and screens so we didn't stay too long. Right as we were leaving I decided to double check my spoil pile and I am glad I did because I found a really sweet pathological Archaeolamna tooth that I missed in haste. Hopefully the weather will be at least a little warmer this weekend because I am itching to get back to this spot and see what we can pull out.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added1/24/2008


Pathologic Archaeolamna tooth
Pathologic Archaeolamna tooth





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