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quality not quantity

These are the best finds of our last three trips. We didn't find alot of teeth but my Dad and I did end up finding some nice things. My Dad found an arrowhead and a chub in the same sift. We also found two mammal teeth in the same spot, we think they are horse teeth probably from the Pleistocene. I also found the biggest Striatolamia in my collection, it is 2 1/4". The same day as the Striatolamia I found a sawfish spine and what I believe to be a Benedini, However it may be an Otodus with the cusplets broken off , the root is very worn so it is hard to tell. Along with these finds we also found a Ric blade.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added7/12/2009


Now this spot has potential!
Now this spot has potential!
A Trip Back to the New Hot Spot
A Trip Back to the New Hot Spot
A taste of the Cretaceous
A taste of the Cretaceous





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