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Fossiling in a Winter Wonderland: The Thaw

Today I met up with M4 at my house and then drove out to Ramanessin where we met up with Rob from Times Scientific. Even though there was still about 4-6 inches of snow on the ground from the storm 2 weeks ago, the temperature was 45-50 deg F with bright sun - great collecting weather! We met at the school and walked down to the stream following the deer tracks that marked what is normally an easy path to follow. With everything looking the same in the snow, I walked right by where I normally enter the stream. We found an easy point of access and headed into the water. I walked a short distance to one of my favorite spots and proceeded to screen. While the area didn’t produce any huge shark teeth (whole ones anyway) I was able to come up with quite the assortment of interesting items including a reptile (turtle?) scute, a ray? scute, a nice partial ammonite mold and a partial mosasaur tooth. Even though I had to leave a little early, it was definitely a great change for me being able to collect with Rob and M4. Thanks Guys!! I’m looking forward to seeing their day’s finds.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added2/6/2005

The shamer shark tooth of the day.
This tooth appears more Miocene than Cretaceous. I'll have to work on an ID for this one.
UNID'd labial view.
This is an unusual piece. It resembles a piece of ratfish jaw but not exactly.

3/8" Hybodont Shark Tooth
3/8" Hybodont Shark Tooth
1 5/8"  Scute
1 5/8" Scute
3/4" Mosasaur Tooth
3/4" Mosasaur Tooth
3/4" Ray Scute
3/4" Ray Scute
Ammonite Piece
Ammonite Piece
1 1/8" Goblin Shark Tooth
1 1/8" Goblin Shark Tooth





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