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Getting Closer to the Carcharocles

Today I met up with fellow NJ collector "KL" and headed to an Eocene / Miocene stream we had both collected at previously. We started at an area where I had scored some decent teeth on past trips. Within the first hour, I was able to come up with a small, partial chubutensis and an auriculatus blade. Not a bad start, but other than those finds and KL’s nice little Hemi, the area seemed to quickly dry up, so we decided to move on to another location. We walked a ways along the stream to our second stop and started to find teeth with more consistency. Within the first three or four screens I had another, larger, partial chubutensis and half of a smaller one - there had to be a complete one in here somewhere! While we did find more Charcarocles pieces (KL found a small auriculatus blade) nothing complete would come out of the stream today. I did manage to come up with a decent Xiphodolamia lateral tooth and a couple of Indian beads from the spot, but the complete 3" Chubby would have to wait for the next trip.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added5/15/2005

As I was washing the gravel, I got a quick glance of a large root sticking out of the screen and had to take a picture. Since I already knew there was only half a root, I was hoping for a nice complete blade - so close!

1/2" Xiphodolamia Ensis Tooth
1/2" Xiphodolamia Ensis Tooth
Indian Beads
Indian Beads
1 1/2" Chubutensis Teeth
1 1/2" Chubutensis Teeth





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