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A Day With My Daughter : Kid's Dig

We made it to the Ramanessin parking lot by 11:50 and met up with the Times Scientific Crew for their "Kid's Dig". The event is open to all and screens and shovels are provided - its an excellent opportunity for kids to be introduced to the world of Paleontology and Times Scientific does a great job running it. Thanks Roy and Rob! Check out the trip on their Website: www.TimesScientific.net - (it may not be posted at the time of this posting but keep checking in). We made our way down to the stream and everyone began their search. Within a couple of minutes, the first “I found one” was heard - and then another, and another... Everyone went home with shark teeth in their bag and a smile on their face!
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added8/6/2005

Juli scanning a fresh screen-full of gravel.
A beautiful day at Ramanessin Creek!

1 3/4" Goblin Shark Tooth
1 3/4" Goblin Shark Tooth





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