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Makos, Makos, Makos

Signs of the impending Fall season were evident today, as I was greeted by a couple of Great Horned owls exchanging calls as I arrived at the stream parking lot at 6:00 AM - it was still dark. The temperature was a cool 63 deg F and as I waited for ToothMonkey to arrive, I decided to shovel a few screens in the stream right adjacent to the parking lot. Sporting my headlamp, I sifted about 5 screens and after picking up a decent Hemi, TM arrived and we headed out to where he scored the nice Ric two weeks earlier. The spot we had been working was a reworked Eocene/Miocene layer, laden with impression filled rock in about 3 ft of water. The gravel is as hard as concrete, but once you're able to work the shovel into it, it comes right apart. The layer was good to me today as I came out with four really nice Mako teeth in the 1 ½” to 2" range. None of them are pristine, but teeth this size don’t come often in NJ, and any one of them would have made the day. Other decent finds were a couple of cow shark teeth including an upper parasymphysial tooth, a couple of Hemi’s, a nice fish tooth and two small, almost identical teeth that resemble anterior C. Catticus (reef shark) teeth.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added9/5/2005

Mako's were the tooth of the day!
These small teeth are unlike any others I've found in this stream. They are highly compressed with blades very similar to that of a Reef Shark. I've found one C. Catticus lateral here, but these would be my first anteriors.
Labial side of the tooth on the left.

Now this spot has potential!
Now this spot has potential!
A Trip Back to the New Hot Spot
A Trip Back to the New Hot Spot
A taste of the Cretaceous
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