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Another Day Out With The Kids

Today was another opportunity to be out with my kids while my better half was at work - fossiling in the morning and Sesame Place in the afternoon! We went to our familiar spot at Ramanessin and while we didn’t come up with any real killer shark teeth, we did manage a tiny, somewhat dinged, but complete mosasaur tooth and a good variety of Enchodus (fish) material. Upon arrival back at the car, I noticed some trace evidence of a visit by the famed Gerry Case. Two fliers on the car, one for his “A Pictorial Guide to Fossils” and another for his book on Borneo in WWII. I had heard of other collectors getting similar fliers and even meeting him at the various NJ streams but I wasn’t so fortunate today.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added9/10/2005

While we were on the stream, my car received a visit by the famed paleontologist Gerry Case!

3/8" Mosasaur tooth
3/8" Mosasaur tooth





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