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Cold Feet All Around

I met up today with fellow NJ collector JP for an afternoon of shoveling gravel. The forecast was for sun and 48 deg F but that must of been for some other New Jersey as it felt much colder with clouds and light rain. I worked a downstream spot for the first half of the outing, before JP arrived, but while I had planned on “shoveling gravel” I wasn’t ready for the literal interpretation - teeth were few and far between. I moved to an upstream location where the dry spell continued until I came up with a 2" S. macrota that had a major chunk missing on the lingual face of the root. The tooth would break if I blew on it hard enough so I carefully put it in the safety of its own container - not the killer I was after but certainly good tooth. The arrival of JP gave me renewed hope of maybe at least seeing some decent teeth. We worked a 3 ft channel where I scored a killer Hemi (for NJ) and a couple of nice sand tigers. I decided to do my last 5 screen loads, and on the second to last, the mako cometh - a 1 7/8" killer in pristine condition. I made my last screen and headed home. JP’s find of the day ended up being a really nice Notorynchus - a good day was had by all!
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added2/23/2006


1 7/8 Mako Shark Tooth
1 7/8 Mako Shark Tooth
2" Eocene Sand Tiger Shark Tooth
2" Eocene Sand Tiger Shark Tooth
5/8" Hemipristis Shark Tooth
5/8" Hemipristis Shark Tooth





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