February 18, 2018  
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Hawaii-- 2nd trip, a mako tooth! And a Sea Urchin!

I made a return trip to my secret spot, an hit a wealth of goodies this go around. For starters, my second tooth! This one, a small mako (Isurus oxyrynchus) upper anterior is approx. 5/8" long, smooth, black & flawless. I saw it sticking out of the formation but thought it was just another jagged piece of lava rock. Alas, I was wrong! Sweet! I also picked up a complete sea urchin (species TBD) about 1.25" in longest dimension, and a fish vertebra (species TBD)! The urchin is complete--Psyche! The molluscs this time around included a few with original coloring, which was cool. In addition to the ubiquitous cowries and small strombids, I have a beautiful Mitra sp. (to the lower left of the urchin), two Murex sp. (above the urchin), a cone and two which I'm not sure of, but with original coloration intact (lower right of shark tooth).
Location Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Date Added11/28/2008


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