February 20, 2018  
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2nd Trip to Onslow Quarry in Richlands

Made another trip to Richlands just to see if I could find my elusive Archaeocete tooth.  It finally happened!!!!  When we were getting ready to leave I decide to start searching real close to the ground to try and find some smaller teeth.  I saw a weird looking nub sticking out of some limestone and pulled it out not even thinking that it may be a tooth.  When I pulled it out it looked like a piece of a tooth because of the broken part that I could see.  After I realized what I had found I almost started to cry because I had broke it.  But after careful extraction of the rest of it I was able to piece it back together.  I can’t wait until we get some real good rain around here so more of these can work them selves out to be found.  Until next time.....good hunting!!!!

Location Onslow County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added12/1/2007

1 7/8" beat up little ric, but I love the color.

1 3/4 Richlands Archaeocete tooth
1 3/4 Richlands Archaeocete tooth





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