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Old trip to report on the Peace River.

This post is for a trip in November of 2008.  We hit the river and headed up North from the Arcadia boat ramp.  This was a very warm day with many gators seen on the banks. With our first stop in the old honey we found a few nice finds.  No more Megs and heavy digging was noted into the banks in the same area.  (So much for my secret spot, hahaha).  We then started our downstream trip with many test holes and with one a leg bone was found.  At first I thought it was not a fossil but upon closer inspection it is!  Some gator teeth were also found.  Over all, it was a great day on the river with my boys.  We are planning our spring break river fossil fest and hope to have a great report to post then.  Stay safe and legal out there!!!

Curt V.

Location Peace River, Florida, USA

Date Added3/12/2009


Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You
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