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Lost and found

We decided to go up river Sunday after taking a break from fossiling for the holidays and the fact that the 3" of rain on Christmas brought the river up about 3'. We went back to the spot where I scored a nice point a few weeks earlier . No points this week, but we found a good variety other stuff. 1 decent 1-3/4 meg,several nice Hemi's, Tigers, Horse, Tapir, Alligator, Turtoise, Bison and a couple of plates from a Mammoth tooth. Now for the lost. We returned to my truck find that someone had stolen my weedeater that was in the back. Wait till they find out that the reason it was in my truck was that it was broken and I was going to take it to get repaired. I guess they'll get what they paid for.
Location Peace River, Florida, USA

Date Added1/2/2005


Bison Pre-molar
Bison Pre-molar
1-5/8 Lower Snaggle-tooth
1-5/8 Lower Snaggle-tooth





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