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Peace Be With You

After making a couple of trips to South Carolina it was my turn to return some fossipality. My local club got a chance to collect in one of the phosphate mines here in Florida, which is a rare occasion since most mines want nothing to do with fossil clubs. After sending a few emails I was able to get DW,DF,T$ & R_S and friends talked into coming down to Florida for the weekend. The mine trip wasn't until Monday, so with a whole weekend to kill I decided to show them around the Peace. The first day I picked a spot that I came across a few days earlier. Although the Peace River is a pretty long river, a good gravel bed that hasn't been already sifted through is hard to find. This one must have been overlooked which is hard to believe because it was near a well known spot. We met up with DW and the crew Saturday morning and they followed us up river where we met up with Gman and Gwoman. It didn't take very long before everyone was scoring some nice megs, it seemed that almost every screen had had something in it. By the end of the day our backs were sore but our pockets were full, it seemed like a fair trade. The second day we met up with R_S and friends at DW's hotel in the moring to head up river again. This time I thought we would try some spots that were real productive last year but I haven't had much time to try this year. It sounded like a good plan but it wasn't easy to live up to Saturday's feast. We hit several spots that day with some success but their were definite signs of some heavy collecting prior to our arrival. The third day after leaving the mine and saying goodbye to all of the BRFC crew I decided to give the Peace one more try. With only a few hour to sift I went back to the spot we went to Saturday. We sifted out most of that gravel bar other day but there was still one spot I wanted to try. Ater about two hours of sifting I saw a big black clump on my screen. When I flipped it over I saw it was a mastodon tooth and it was whole! My weekend was now complete.
Location Peace River, Florida, USA

Date Added4/30/2006

This was the total haul for the weekend.

2-1/2 " Chubutensis
2-1/2 " Chubutensis
Posterior Meg
Posterior Meg
Juvenile Mastodon Tooth
Juvenile Mastodon Tooth





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