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Peace Be With You

The first day at the river I met GMan, GWoman, and Chuck for the first time. Everyone around me was scoring nice megs, but me. Bad luck I suppose, but I did find a large hemipristis and lots of little teeth. The second day I met Rock Splitter, his mom, and girlfriend. This time I found a lot more megs and a nice posterior too. I noticed a fossil in my screen that I thought was just a turtle shell and I ALMOST threw it back into the river. Later on that day DW and Da f0ssZ identified the fossil and told me it was a giant armadillo scute. Thanks RivrDigr and Chuck for taking us out to your spots in the river. I had a lot of fun!
Location Peace River, Florida, USA

Date Added4/30/2006

my haul from 2 days of shifting in the river
DW scoping out a spot in the river

Glyptodont dermal scute
Glyptodont dermal scute
Hemipristis Shark Tooth
Hemipristis Shark Tooth
Fossil Tiger Shark Tooth
Fossil Tiger Shark Tooth
Fossil Tiger Shark Tooth
Fossil Tiger Shark Tooth
Posterior Megalodon Shark Tooth
Posterior Megalodon Shark Tooth





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