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Follow up to earlier report: 18 Mile Creek, NY

This is a follow up to my earlier PA report, but although this was on the same fishing trip where most time was spent in PA, these fossils were from a NY Lake Erie tributary called 18 Mile Creek.  I don't think that I did all that bad considering that I didn't have a rock hammer or any packing material.

Location Pennsylvania, USA

MemberFat Boy
Date Added11/25/2008

Some of the finds.
This trilobite was laying there loose all by itself at the base of the cliff. It was very fragile as it split when I picked it up. And, it wasn't a clean split either, so I'm lucky I got it home in the shape that it is.
I think that this one is rolled up.
Some brachiopods and horn coral (I think)
Why do cats only need attention when you're taking pics of fossils?

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Fern Fury!
Fern Fury!

The "Ammonite" pics - 11/28/2008
Reviewer : Fat Boy from Maryland United States
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Sorry, I meant to say that these are cephalopods...
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