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Follow the Whale

With all the Racking going on South of the border I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get out to my favorite stream of squalor. I headed to the area where I picked up the two quality great whites on my last trip. I was there about half an hour when after loading my screen with sand I noticed that there were numerous pieces of whale bone sticking out of the soon to be washed pile. After getting 2/3 through the gravel I saw a large root and it was perfect. I pulled on one of the lobes and another 2 inches of tooth followed it out of the gravel - a really nice great white! The blade was a little beat up but the root is as perfect as they come. A trip maker for sure. I continued my search, trying to collect where the pieces of whale bone told me and while I picked up a bunch of partial great whites, none were whole. However, shark teeth weren’t the only thing in with the whale bone. In the last 15 minutes a large 4 to 5 inch bone looking thing appeared in the screen, but this one had a much more deliberate shape - it was a tooth. The very tip was missing but otherwise it was complete. Even partial it was impressive. I believe it’s a sperm whale tooth which is a first for me and one I’ll never forget.

Location Pitt County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added8/17/2007


2 3/8" Great White Shark Tooth
2 3/8" Great White Shark Tooth

WOW! - 2/12/2008
Reviewer : mlcannon from
Total Rating : 10
I can hardly believe I grew up in Pitt County, NC (Grifton) and never knew about finding these! I have found shark teeth in the material that is placed on the road beds around there, but never any that weren't "transplanted." When I go back home for a visit I will have to look around a little more!! Nice finds! Mike Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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