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Hunting Bone Valley With The Southwest Florida Fossil Club

Day3 was a trip set up by Chuck and the SW Florida Fossil Club to a phosphate mine in the Bone Valley region. About 30 folks arrived around 9AM and were given a quick safety brief and short review of Florida paleontology which included the struggles of all giant beasts that roamed Florida in prehistory. We headed in the mine and hunted new spoil piles of washed overburden as well as the slurry pit. I found a pretty nice quantity of fossils including three-toed horse teeth, shark teeth and a turtle shell fragment. My best find was beautifully colored mako. We headed out in the early afternoon to back to SC at a decent hour.
Location Polk County, Florida, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added5/1/2006

The haul from the quarry.
An inside shot of the phoshphate mine

Bone Valley Mako
Bone Valley Mako





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