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Potomac River Trip 4/18/08

  After leaving the Bay, I headed down to the Potomac River to continue my all-day hunt.  I didn't expect to see many other hunters, but there were about 6 other people already hunting the north shore.  Unfortunately, I didn't see any of them until I had already gone past the point, and it was too late to turn around.  I still did pretty good out there, though.  I found a few decent Otodus teeth and lots of shamers, a sweet Cretalamna, two nice croc teeth (one still has most of the root!), and tons of Sand Tigers.  I also got my first Potomac shark vert and three scutes, which I think two are turtle and one croc.  Also, I found some fossils that I have no idea what they are.  At the bottom left of photo 2 below is what I believe to be a Ratfish jaw fragment, and I have no clue what the two on the right side are. 

Location Potomac River, Maryland, USA

Date Added4/20/2008


Good Day on the River
Good Day on the River
Slip Slide and Away on Black Friday
Slip Slide and Away on Black Friday
Potomac River Trip
Potomac River Trip

- 4/21/2008
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