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Wildlife yes, Fossils not so much

I hit the Potomac this past weekend, one week after the remnants of tropical storm Hannah.  I was hoping for a low tide with lots of gravel exposed...what I got was moderately high water and enough sand to replenish the sand depleted beaches of Ocean City.  I sifted here and there and found a few sand tigers, but it was too much effort for too little return.  I scanned the banks and found two little teeth (ref pics - I'm pointing to them in the one pic).  I did come across and recue? a turtle.  It seemed to be trapped in the water near the cliff as the tide was coming in.  May sound dumb but I wasn't sure if this turtle could swim in water, so I grabbed him and picked him up and relocated him to dryer grounds.

My next excursion was with my sons to check out a crick not too far from were we live.  Someone had recently taken me to this area to show me some fossils they had discovered there - shark teeth.  We did a little sifting but again didn't much of anything.  However, on our way out my sons found a dead snake - might be a water snake? rat snake?  We found it dead about 20 feet from the stream.  Too bad that there wasn't much to find by way of teeth in the matrix though.  We sifted a few 5-gal buckets worth and found two busted worn sand tigers.  The one pic shows what the Paleocene formation looks like in this particular stream.  Lastly, besides our wildlife (or dead) discoveries, we came across some strange looking fruit? hanging in the trees lining the stream.  The branches had big leaves, and these fruit?smelled sweet.  We squeezed a couple open and they smelled like a cross between a banana and a mango.  We brought one home and googled it.  Turns out we found "Pawpaw" fruit.  Go figure, all these years in Maryland and fossil collecting all over in woods and I never saw these things.

Location Potomac River, Maryland, USA

Date Added9/16/2008


On the way to the fossil beach...
On the way to the fossil beach...
High Sea
High Sea's on the Potomac
Potomac Perfection
Potomac Perfection





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