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Aquia Formation Trip

I took off work to find some solitude, peace, and a Paleocarcharodon.  I found the first two, but not a Paleocarcharodon.  I did find plenty of teeth and a tooth that I haven't found before, I think...  Plus, there were plenty of fossils.  The weather called for showers all day, but that just didn't happen.  It was actually rather pleasant.  The winds were NNE at 10-20 mph, which was perfect pushing water out of the river and creating just enough wave action to keep the beach mixed up for me.  It was very fun and relaxing, so much that I didn't feel like stopping to eat lunch!

Location Potomac River, Maryland, USA

MemberFat Boy
Date Added11/7/2008

Here are my finds for the day.
bonus secondary fossils too, two bryozoan colonies...
flip side
My largest Otodus tooth. It's a little beat up, but I like it!
Lingual view of my nicest Otodus tooth of the day.
Labial view of the same tooth.
Lingual view of a small but nice Otodus
Labial view of the small Otodus tooth.
I think that this is a goblin shark, Anotomodon novus, but I'm not sure. I have to examine more closely.
I'm not sure yet what this tooth is. I think that it's Brachycarcharias lerichei maybe?
I think that this is a piece of a turtle shell with some nasty bite marks on it.

Not a Bad Start to the New Year!!!!
Not a Bad Start to the New Year!!!!
Father's Day Trip

Sounds like it was a good trip - 11/7/2008
Reviewer : FromtheArundel110 from Virginia United States
Total Rating : 8.667
About the tooth you weren't sure of (2nd to last pic), I'm thinking that maybe it's an Odontaspis winkleri, another type of sand tiger, but I could be wrong Content Quality : 9 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 7 of 10
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thanks! - 11/7/2008
Reviewer : Fat Boy from Maryland United States
Total Rating : No Rating
Thanks for the input. You could be correct. I thought of that too, but the cusplets looked too robust when comparing to the ones on If so, that's equally cool because it would be my first one of either. It's pretty cool that good things come in small packages!
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- 11/11/2008
Reviewer : Daryl from Maryland United States
Total Rating : 10
You found a nice assortment of fossils. It always amazes me how many different species can be found in just one trip. That tooth you were questioning is definitely a Brachycarcharias lerichei sandtiger tooth. The winkleri's are a bit smaller than the lerichei's and tend to have more of a needle like cusp(s) than lerichei's which can have one broader/triangular cusp along with a narrower/needle like cusp depending upon the tooth position. In my own experience the winkleri's are a little rarer than the lerichei's from the Potomac (MD side). Daryl. Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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- 11/12/2008
Reviewer : Fat Boy from Maryland United States
Total Rating : No Rating
Thank you Daryl!
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