October 17, 2017  
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My first otodus (?)

Went with my kayak to the shore of river in Prince George County.  Didnot find much of anything, since we haven't had any rain to recharge the beach in so long.  I did find what i have to say is otodus obliquus, it is 2 inches long with large double cusps, looks just like a ric but has nice sharp cutting edge like a mako instead of serrations.  Pictured next to a killer 2inch ric a found on the previous trip.  check out those cups. if anyone has other ideas on this being anything but otodus please share, i still haven't figured out this site's geology.
Location Prince George County, Virginia, USA

Date Added10/22/2007


2nd Otodus from this site
2nd Otodus from this site
First hunt for me ....
First hunt for me ....
doh! here
doh! here's photos for trip report





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