February 17, 2018  
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Been skunked lately

I'm still getting out but not finding squat.  Last decent find was the P. benedini from lee creek, and that was in november.  I've been to my favorite beach in Prince George county several times, purse state park on the potomac, and a couple other spots....nothing!  The attached squalodon photo is a find from a couple years ago.  I wanted to include at least one interesting photo.  That tooth is massive, too bad one of the roots is broken though.  I found it using a collander in a Virginia creek bed.  Pretty nice huh?  The other photo is of a "mystery tooth", at least to me anyway.  I found it today in Prince George County.  It measures one inch in slant height, and has a wicked curvature to it that does not convey too well in the photos.  It has the morphology of a thresher, but i think too big for a common thresher and not big enough for alopias grandis.  Also it has vestigial cusplets but no nutrient groove.  This one has me stumped.  I'm wondering if it may be just a posterior tooth of some type of sand tiger tooth.  What do you guys think?  I know the photos aren't the best but ideas on ID would be appreciated.  The site has fossils from the paleocene all the way to the pliocene,  by the way.  Happy hunting.
Location Prince George County, Virginia, USA

Date Added2/4/2008


doh! here
doh! here's photos for trip report
2nd Otodus from this site
2nd Otodus from this site





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