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Two days, three trips, two sites, same river

This post is from trips last friday and saturday.  On friday morning i combined a meeting for work with a visit to my spot on the james river.  Conditions were pretty bad; a steady light rain and temperature of 33 degrees, typical feb. day in virginia and I was loving it.  Did not find much except the large ray dermal scute and a decent sea snake vert.  The ray scute is my biggest to date, 2 inch X 1.75 and .75 thick where it rises to a point in the middle. 

The next day was a saturday and i had the whole day to hunt since the wife and kids were out of town.  The first stop was a james river site down near jamestown.  The whole beach is fossil shells but finding teeth is pretty tough.  I get skunked alot but when i do find something it can be primo quality (eg. giant pristine megs, makos, croc teeth, etc.).  I walked over a mile of shoreline and the only thing i picked up were some nice chesapectens (scallop shells) and a couple of fish otoliths, not even one teeny shark tooth.  At the furthest point i spotted the whale bulla in about six inches of water.  It is the nicest i've found so far.  From there i drove west (upriver) to the other james river collecting site.  The cool thing about these two sites is you can hit the low tide on the downstream site, collect, and by the time you get to the other place 25 miles upriver it is still low tide there.  The find of the day was a flawless tooth (pictured) that i believe is a seal incisor.  The tooth is 1.88 inches and "was" a perfect little gem.  As soon as i got home with it i got out the camera to get a pic of it in my hand. I fumbled, and it first clattered to the counter top before falling to the kitchen floor.  It was one of those slo mo kind of moments, still breaks my heart in the telling.  The once flawless beauty got lost a sizeable chip of enamel off the tip of the tooth.

Location Prince George County, Virginia, USA

Date Added2/27/2008


Teeth from yesterday and today
Teeth from yesterday and today
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doh! here's photos for trip report
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Dang it, here's the photos!





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