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It's a sad day....but a new year!

We headed down to Sarasota to collect at a construction site that has been our primary land spot for several months. When we got there we found that the main areas had been covered with topsoil and rolled with heavy equipment. The big dirt piles from the ponds were all gone too. We also noticed paving equipment parked on the property. It was obvious that this was our last trip to this site. It's a sad day. We didn't find much at all. I called the developer who promised to put me on a new site in a few weeks. He said he'll be digging new ponds and ditches for pipes in a week or so and he'll get me on the site as soon as he starts. SWEET!
Location Sarasota County, Florida, USA

Date Added1/1/2005


Scuba Diving in Venice Florida - 2011
Scuba Diving in Venice Florida - 2011
Tooth time! finally!
Tooth time! finally!
Exiled to the fossil grounds!
Exiled to the fossil grounds!





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