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Giant Angustidens

My new king of the angustidens! Its from the reformulated layer so its got a few chips, but for the most part, this tooth is intact. The tip is sharp, the blade is serrated, the cusps are there, and so is most of the bourlette. When I took this tooth to Lafarge a couple of weeks ago to show some friends, I jokingly referred to it as megastidens ditchweezilensis . The biggest angustidens that I am aware of is at the charleston museum and if I am correct, it is a little over 5 inches long. I keep trying to reach that lofty goal. Even though I haven't reached it yet, I am far from disappointed.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA
Species Carcharocles angustidens
Age Oligocene Epoch
Formation Hawthorne Formation
Category Shark Teeth
Length 4 11/16 inches

Date Added1/31/2007


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