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Fossil Shark Teeth Oligocene Giant White Shark

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I found this angustidens in the Edisto river on a shallow bank under the sand. I knew it was broken in half lengthwise, the tip was gone, and one cusp was dinged as soon as I saw it. I was bummed that it was broken, but I didn't really think a whole lot more about it until I got it home and glued it together and measured it. In its current state it is a whopping 4 7/8 inches long, a full eighth of an inch longer than my current largest angustidens tooth. And the tip is mangled, so I estimate this tooth would be at least 5 inches long if it were complete. And that is a conservative estimate! In all my years of collecting, I only know of one angustidens bigger than this, and it is between 5 1/4 and 5 3/8 inches long. This is a near record size angustidens tooth, comparable to a 7 inch megalodon tooth! This is only the second time in my life that I think I have found a tooth worthy of restoration. If I do get it done, I'll post a pic of the finished product.

Age Oligocene Epoch
Category Shark Teeth
Formation Ashley Marl
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA
Species Carcharocles angustidens
Length 4 7/8 inches
Width 3 1/4 inches
Thickness 1 1/2 inches

Date Added7/11/2010


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Driving the Gravy Train





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