May 23, 2022  
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2 7/16" Pathologic Angustidens Shark Tooth

This was the last tooth I found today, and when I first saw it, the only thing I could think was "what a shame". It was almost dark, and the tooth was covered with dirt, but to me it looked like the tip was snapped off. I put it in my pocket and just continued on. It wasn't until I cleaned it up and really looked closely at it that I realized how wrong I was! The tip isn't snapped off - it's pathologic! Yep, sure is! Look closely at the tip photo and you'll see what I mean. There are TWO tips there! That is SO cool! Its the finest quality patholigic angy I've ever found. Its missing like two serrations near the tip and one on one of the cusps, but that's it. Besides for that, its perfect. I still can't get over the double tip, man. They were quite a surprise when initially I thought the tooth was damaged goods!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA
Species Carcharocles angustidens
Age Oligocene Epoch
Formation Chandler Bridge Formation
Category Shark Teeth
Length 2 7/16 inches

Date Added7/31/2002


There must be something about Wednesdays
There must be something about Wednesdays





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