September 21, 2023  
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2 1/4" Angustidens Tooth

This is one of the most perfect teeth I have. The root is as perfect as can be, the bourlette is 100% complete, the serrations, tip, and cusps are brutally sharp. The tip is wickedly fanged outward as well. I would say this tooth is 99% of perfect. Where is that 1%? Well, I have to be picky when it comes to teeth so this one loses 1 point because it has a tiny patch of missing enamel on the labial side near the root. Most people who have seen this tooth have not even noticed it, but when you sit around and look at your teeth as often as I do, you start to notice things. Don't get me wrong, though. This tooth is PRIME!
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA
Species Carcharocles angustidens
Age Oligocene Epoch
Formation Chandler Bridge Formation
Category Shark Teeth
Length 2 1/4 inches

Date Added5/30/2000


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