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2 5/8" Pungo Megalodon Shark Tooth

This was the trip saver for me for my first time at Aurora. I found it 50 minutes before I was due back at the bus, and it was among the best teeth found that day. Its by far my best chub to date. Nothing locally can ever compare to a tooth from the mine. Just look at the photos! Incredible color, perfect root, bourlette, and serrations. The very tip serration is dinged, but its barely noticable. The sliver of enamel missing on the front stuck in the matrix when I picked the tooth up. I drooled on this tooth for quite some time on the long ride home.
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA
Species Carcharocles chubutensis
Age Miocene Epoch
Formation Pungo Formation
Category Shark Teeth
Length 2 5/8 inches

Date Added4/7/2002


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