December 17, 2017  
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Lee Creek Chubutensis

The best chubutensis I have out of lee creek, perhaps the best I have all together. length is 3 inches slant. serrations are still killer sharp after what, 10-15 million years! not to mention the enamel in super shiny, i love it!!! the tip has some feeding damage, some might find that a bummer but for me it just says this shark was eating some huge dinner items for it to chip a large tooth like this.I put this under yorktown formation, it could be pungo though, feel free to correct me.
Category Shark Teeth
Formation Pungo Formation
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA
Species Carcharocles chubutensis
Age Miocene Epoch
Length 3 inches

Date Added11/4/2009


2 3/16" Chubutensis Tooth
2 3/16" Chubutensis Tooth
Fossil Chubutensis Shark Tooth
Fossil Chubutensis Shark Tooth
2-3/4 chubutensis
2-3/4 chubutensis





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