October 29, 2020  
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Venice Megalodon Tooth Bone Valley Formation

This is the megalodon tooth I drove to Venice Beach Florida to find. Its a superhero of the highest order worthy of the top shelf in my megalodon tooth collection. The color is fantastic (true of many bone valley formation megalodon teeth), its sharply serrated with the tip, and the root is complete with no real damage besides a few hydration cracks. One of the coolest features is a bite mark across the bourlette, seen just left of center. A true gem!
Age Miocene Epoch
Category Shark Teeth
Formation Bone Valley Formation
Location Sarasota County, Florida, USA
Species Carcharocles megalodon
Length 3 1/4 inches
Width 2 5/16 inches
Thickness 3/4 inches

Date Added6/28/2010


Fossil Diving at Venice Beach FL for Megalodon and Mammoth
Fossil Diving at Venice Beach FL for Megalodon and Mammoth





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