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Lee Creek Mako Shark Tooth

This Lee Creek Mako shark tooth is tied for the largest of the species that I found on my most recent visit to the PCS mine. I wish I had taken a ground shot, but I found it in a particularly rich deposit of Yorktown formation and I was picking up 3 and 4 teeth at a time. Call me butter, I was on a roll. In my excitement, the camera didn't leave my pack. Don't blame me! What would you do if you saw teeth laying all over the place? Probably just what I did - pick them up!

Age Pliocene Epoch
Category Shark Teeth
Formation Yorktown Formation
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA
Species Isurus hastalis
Length 2 7/16 inches

Date Added9/30/2008


My Friend the Weed
My Friend the Weed





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