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1 3/16" Eocene Mako Tooth

This tooth came out of one of the few places where the raw Eocene formation is exposed in this stream. I had to shovel in the equivalent of three or four screen fulls of black sand to get the screen bottom covered with gravel. I usually find beat up Striatolamia teeth and even a Ric blade or two, but this was the last thing I was expecting. The tooth was in absolutely pristine condition when I found it, though after a fall on my kitchen floor (Ahhhhh!), one of the root lobes chipped. It now lives safely and happily in a Riker mount with my other nice teeth.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA
Species Isurus praecursor
Age Eocene Epoch
Category Shark Teeth
Length 1 13/16 inches

Date Added8/7/2005


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A Day With My Daughter : Stop-1





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