February 18, 2018  
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Lee Creek Megamouth

My second to last trip into Lee Creek for the season and I wasn't finding much, so I figured I'd help out a group of students that were at the mine for the first time. I led them to a Yorktown pile, pointed out some teeth & such, and when they got their search image & I figured they were good to go, I climbed to the top of the pile. I sat & went to tie my bootstrings, and saw this odd root sticking out of the brown Yorktown silt, something that I did not recognize. When I pulled it out, I couldn't believe my eyes---a Megachasma! Turns out only 14 have been recorded from LC & it's the first one since 2005. I was so psyched! Megalodon shmegalodon, I'll take this (rare is rare, after all). Perhaps I earned a bit of good karma helping out those students...
Age Pliocene Epoch
Category Shark Teeth
Formation Yorktown Formation
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA
Species Megachasma pelagios
Length 3/4 inches
Width 5/8 inches
Thickness 1/2 inches

Date Added8/6/2007


My first Megamouth!
My first Megamouth!





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