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Pathologic Cow Shark Tooth

I found this nice cow shark tooth in the Yorktown formation, and I assumed it was Hexanchus. I showed it to Pat Y. at the end of the day, and she was kind enough to tell me the difference. You can draw a straight line down the cones on Notorynchus teeth, while the primary cone on a Hexanchus is out of whack and messes up the straight line, even on juvenile specimens. Even though its not what I initially thought it was, it has a pathologic curvature to one of the cones that definitely makes it an awesome find.
Age Pliocene Epoch
Category Shark Teeth
Formation Yorktown Formation
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA
Species Notorynchus primigenius
Width 15/16 inches

MemberAlopias Ali
Date Added10/15/2007


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