December 13, 2017  
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3 1/2" Otodus Obliquus Shark Tooth

First let me say that I did not find this tooth, but I feel as though I did. I have looked for years for a large, flawless specimen, and I finally found one the other day on the internet. I am mainly a collector of Megalodon and Angustidens because that is mostly what I find, but my collection would not even begin to approach completion until I had at least one of the originator of the line of sharks that led to the ones I find most often.
Species Otodus obliquus
Age Paleocene Epoch
Formation Unknown
Category Shark Teeth
Length 3 1/2 inches

Date Added2/24/2001


Virginia Eocene Otodus
Virginia Eocene Otodus
1 1/4" Otodus Shark Tooth
1 1/4" Otodus Shark Tooth
North Carolina Eocene Otodus
North Carolina Eocene Otodus





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