December 11, 2017  
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1 3/16" P. rutoti Tooth

This tooth came to rest behind a partially buried log in 2 feet of water. I knew the tooth was not the usual Carcharias tooth when I found it, but I also thought the enamel was damaged - I didn’t pay it much attention. After returning home, I realized that what I assumed was a notch of broken enamel at the base of the blade, was actually the normal shape of the tooth, formed by a single serration-like bump. The tooth turned out to be a Palaeohypotodus rutoti and in near perfect condition! Not the showiest tooth but certainly a trip maker!
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA
Species Palaeohypotodus rutoti
Age Eocene Epoch
Category Shark Teeth
Length 1 3/16 inches

Date Added6/11/2005


Screening With The Skeeters
Screening With The Skeeters





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