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2-1/2" Parotodus Benedeni

A new premier piece in my collection. I found this tooth lying on a pedestal after the shower, labial side up (just like looking into the shark's mouth without the threat of being consumed). This specimen is robust and the enamel is razor sharp on the edges and tip.

Age Pliocene Epoch
Category Shark Teeth
Formation Yorktown Formation
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA
Species Parotodus benedeni
Length 2 1/2 inches
Width 1 3/4 inches
Thickness 7/8 inches

Memberda fossz
Date Added10/12/2007

The lingual side of this fine specimen. A robust root and wicked shape are impressive!
The labial side is just as sharp!

Gettin’ My Fossil Mack in the Outback
Gettin’ My Fossil Mack in the Outback





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