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Shark Tooth Hill Fossil Shark Tooth Dig : October 1, 2005

Caldigger clued me in on this trip. I quickly donned the tooth hunting gear and headed out to my private jet (which i keep at northwest airlines and let them use it, with their name on it too). I was soon out in lovely LA fighting the 2:30pm traffic jam. Just a four short hours later I had completed my 1.5 hour drive. No matter, the promise of virgin fossil bed awated me bright and early in the morning. I got up with my fossil bud Ira and we met caldigger at his place to carpool. Caldigger set us up to get there before everyone else - sweet. Met digger-daddy and listened to the jedi-tooth-master talk, trying to soak it up. He brought with him some of his amazing finds, STH Benedeni, giant seal teeth, a 3.25 inch hastalis (brought a tear to my eye), just to name a few. We got a quick overview of the technique and got to work. Caldigger was a wiley veteran and claimed and area with a hole started. I, the eager but foolish newbie to the area, had to start my own hole. I chose a spot next to caldigger and got to work. Took a while to get the hole started, but soon afterwards I was rewarded. I saw a really gorgeous color planus, and reached for it. As I did, a realized i had an incredible colored hastalis just laying on the bottom of my hole, it must have fallen off a piece of clay that I knocked loose. It was 2.5 and beautiful creamy yellow and hints of blue. With renewed vigor, i pulled a couple more nice hastalis teeth, and a large number of various colored planus teeth. Two holes down, another digger was into a seal pit, pulling 3 or 4 teeth from his hole. I had a pretty nice hall for the day. Day 2 opens up and we decide to try a new area. I unfortunately choose the one bare spot surrounded by people pulling teeth left and right. After about 2-3 hours, i can’t take that I have only found 2 small teeth and decide to try a new area. I walk around and try to use ‘the force’ to find the right spot to start. However, obi-wan is not speaking to me today. One of the area vets is and suggests a spot kinda off by itself, not far from a large sections of baleen whale jaw bone. Ironically enough, I heard ‘did you find all the teeth’ (from the whale jaw) at least 3 times while i was there. I suppose both Yes and No are correct answers to that question. Anyway...I start my hole and am getting nothing. While i expect that in my love-life, I can’t tolerate that in my toothin’ experiences. Finally, I start to pull broken stuff. A 3.25 inch seal canine, a planus,and then I see something unusual. It is a desmostylus tooth. The STH museum lists it as a ‘sea-cow’, but digger-daddy assures me that it is distant cousin of the hippor or rhino. It was busted up, but it was also the only one I saw come out over the weekend and the locals were pretty charged up about it. Digger-daddy just taunted me by showing me a complete one, about 3x the size, grrrrrrrr. As it is the only one like it in my collection, i was pleased. I dug some more and was getting nothing. Then as i was telling Ira I was going to leave, out plops a nice planus. A couple more shovels, and same deal - i say ‘i am going to move’ and out plops a planus. So, clearly realizing the trick, i quickly say ‘i am going to move’ with every shovel full and I keep pulling planus teeth from this spot. I pulled about 15-20 in 10 minutes from a small hole. then as quickly as it started, it was done :( , and so was the dig time.
Location Sharktooth Hill, Bakersfield, California, USA

Date Added10/1/2005

The better teeth from the trip. Lot of nice planus and hastalis teeth.
the 'rest' of the teeth, including seal, cookie cutter, cow, angel teeth.

Matrix Pieces
Matrix Pieces
Desmostylus tooth
Desmostylus tooth

hey - 1/18/2009
Reviewer : luv 2 collect from
Total Rating : 10
nice finds, im wondering were exactly this "sharktooth hill" is i know its in bakersfield. and if u could contact me with info at 4estmustaineleroy@live.com. that would b appreciated Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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