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STH Dig Dec 4th

Day 2 kicked off and after the traditional feeding of the bunnies, we were off to dig the ‘special area’. (did I mention the bunnies don’t like caldigger?) Before we headed over, Digger Daddy let me paw over his special tooth. He was given one of the Great White teeth from the baby great white that was in the monterray aquarium. Tiny, but very cool. The ground had stabilized enough to make it over to the new area with the vehicle in 4wd. We did a quick once-over to see if the rain had exposed anything and got down to business. Within minutes of sitting now as our butts got numb, we started to pray for the sun to come up. Soon it did and unlike the day before, it stayed up for the rest of the day. Teeth were coming out to the left and right of me, but none from my hole. A few were tricking in, but nothing special. Caldigger was busy napping while I continued to work and turn up nothing much. I suddenly saw a tip, but it didn’t appear to be a shark tooth. It turned out to be an allodesmus (sea lion) tooth. I decided to work it out slowly and as I did, I uncovered a seal tooth wrapped right around it. Perfect display for a picture. All I needed to do was work it out a little more. Of course, as I work some of the matrix off the allodesmus tooth, the tip fell off. Most of them are broken, and this one was no exception. So, I went and got a small baggy and put the pieces in and shed a small tear. I ended up finding 3 more mostly complete ones in the same small area, as well as a couple pro-squaladon teeth. Since we had to jack-hammer a new area, we woke up Caldigger long enough for to get him to move his feet. Turned out to be a good thing for him as he was standing right in front of a monster hastalis as it fell off the wall from the jack-hammer vibrating the ground. However, all the excitement did not keep him up too long and he was back to snoring within the hour. I kept working the hole and it was getting late. Luckily I did keep working because I suddenly hit a small area, about 1.5x1.5 that was full of teeth. A large hastalis lower, a large upper, another good sized upper and lower and then a bunch of planus teeth too. All in all, a very nice weekend. My hands and forearms should recover in about a month and I will be ready to go back.
Location Sharktooth Hill, Bakersfield, California, USA

Date Added12/4/2005

Day 2 Finds
Cal Digger between naps

mini porpoise
mini porpoise
A pic for M4
A pic for M4





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