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Today I picked up a friend and we headed out to Isle of Wight County in search of Indian artifacts.  I have never had much luck finding relics, but he knows a few spots and has quite a nice collection.  We had a little time to kill before low tide, so we went out to one of my spots to look for some teeth.  We weren't finding much, the tide was really high and the storm we had this weekend washed a lot of the sand out along the shore.  I found a whale bone with a little tooth cemented to it in matrix and my friend found a fossilized skull of what I think is some sort of amphibian...but that's just a guess. I also found a bone which appears to have some feeding damage.

After a while, we decided to give up on the teeth and go hit up a freshly plowed field in search of relics.  We walked for about an hour before returning to the car empty handed.  Finally it was time to head to Isle of Wight to a spot on the James River I had never been before.  We looked on the shore and along the grass line for points, scrapers and spearheads.  My friend found a nice spearhead with a little bit of tip damage on it.  He also found the nicest tooth of the day:  a perfect 1.5" Mako. 

Location Surry County, Virginia, USA

MemberDown by the banks
Date Added4/30/2008

See the tooth?
Skull top.
Skull bottom.
Teeth marks... not mine.


i want to to go to the spot where you find inidian artifacts - 1/29/2009
Reviewer : sawblade from
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we should do a day trip for teeth then there
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