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Duck Creek

About a week ago DW let me know there was a collector heading my way from the Netherlands and was intrested in trading and hunting my area.  After trading emails for a week and getting everything lined up we had a chance to hunt on his last day here.  I picked this old Concrete quarry that has a huge pit with 30/50 foot walls of falling limestone.  Usally there you can find ammonites, urchins, and all sorts of other great finds here.  After getting down inside the quarry, we were glued to the walls looking.  We found a bunch of beat up stuff, until I spoted a huge section of an ammonite.  Paul came to help me as we chipped away probably 20-30 pounds of limestone(just so I could carry it)  After working on it for about 30 minutes I took a frustrated swing at it with my hammer and it split, but lucky for me the piece that that broke off was right at the edge of the ammonite and it showed the ribs perfectly.  13 inches across.  After seeing my monster, Paul wanted one of his own and found one still sticking out of the wall.  His came out perfect too.  (about 7-8in)   Not too long after that the rain had started and we had a long walk.  We got back to the cars and traded some goodies (I got a BUNCH of nice stuff from europe).  So the next morning I get a phone call from Paul saying he can't get my ammonite out of his head and was wondering if he could trade for it and take it home with him.  With all the great stuff he had already gave me, plus the promise of more, I couldn't say no.  (i'm the one in red in the pic)
Location Tarrant County, Texas, USA

Date Added5/28/2007

I'm in red
Kingena wacoensis

Fossil Hunting on the Good Lands of Texas (literally)....
Fossil Hunting on the Good Lands of Texas (literally)....
Old Quarry
Old Quarry
Mansfield TX Pit
Mansfield TX Pit





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