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Mansfield TX Pit

The first place I have ever hunted for fossils is the Mansfield Pit.  I decided that it would be good idea to look one more time before it was gone. "Construction for a small shopping mall" .My only wish was to find one more good size tooth. I did'nt  find very many teeth, but I did find a vertebra or two. The earth movers had made some tracks in the mud. Right in the middle of the track was a vert barely sticking out of the mud. The vert was in an area of soft mud surrounded by harder rock and clay. I guess thats how it survived being run over by a earthmover. I stuck my hand into the mud and pulled out one vert after another. I had a lot of fun that day. I also found a section of bone that did not survive the earthmover, any help on the ID of the bone would be appreciated. I would like to say thanks to all the members that helped me.


Location Tarrant County, Texas, USA

Date Added8/14/2007


Fossil Hunting on the Good Lands of Texas (literally)....
Fossil Hunting on the Good Lands of Texas (literally)....
Old Quarry
Old Quarry
End of a good thing
End of a good thing





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