December 5, 2022  
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Surf n' Turf?   Charlotte County, Florida, USA
I traveled recently to Southeast Florida at Lake Worth for vacation. With low hopes of fossils and high hopes of fun, I headed to beach. Man of war season hit the shore early this year so it was a ruined collecting day. I did find the remains of a coral reef...not sure if they were fossilized or not. Huge pieces though.....

Also I went deep sea fishing for the first time and caught this hugh dolphin u see....
Digging close to home   Charlotte County, Florida, USA
New places to hunt are hard to come by lately. Pits are closing everywhere because of the economy. Luckily there is a pit right down the road road from me that's still in business. This pit normally produces alot of shells and echinoids  Recently they hit what we think is an ancient sinkhole. There has been just about every Pleistocene mammal in Florida pulled out of there in the last couple of months. I've seen numerous whole mammoth teeth come out and many were juvenile and baby teeth...






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