December 11, 2023  
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B-day Mosasaur Vert   Fannin County, Texas, USA

For my birthday last week I hit a local river where Mosasaur material is on the menu.  We parked, and walked about a mile up stream to some huge gravel bars.  I managed to find my first Mosasaur vert within the first hour.  I found a few more small verts, and a large Mos tooth with the tip broke off... 

Not a bad way to spend my B-day :)

Special Treat   Fannin County, Texas, USA
I got an email from someone who was a long time Texas hunter but is now relocated and he shared the following picture with me. As I just found my first Ptychodus mortoni ever recently I was very pleased to see what he had. They are the most massive Ptychodus shark teeth I have ever seen and I have seen a fair number of them. I do believe I've seen one larger but it wasn't much larger than these. Enjoy!...






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