February 6, 2023  
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Mammoth Hot Springs, SD   Pennintgon County, South Dakota, USA
When I went to South Dakota last summer, I visited to the famous, well-studied and documented Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. For those of you who don't know, the site is a sink hole that holds a treasure trove of skeletons of prehistoric mammals from the late Pleistocene, mainly Colombian Mammoths. The site also contains the remains of Woolly Mammoths, a Short-faced Bear, the American Camel, rabbits, prairie dogs, wolves, and llamas. The site started out as an underground cavern that one day c...
South Dakota Pierre Shale   Pennintgon County, South Dakota, USA
Stopped in a bearly road cut in South Dakota. Found lots of shell impressions and Baculites Galore! No Vertebrate material, but i only surface collected because my grandfather didn't want to keep his car parked in the dangerous highway. ...
Museum of Geology in Rapid City   Pennintgon County, South Dakota, USA
Museum of Geology in Rapid City, South Dakota. It is located in the South Dakota School of Mining and Technology. Great sea monster skeletons and Edmontasaur skeleton. some many micro-bones and teeth to....
Black Hills Institute Museum   Pennintgon County, South Dakota, USA
This museum is located in Hill City, South Dakota. The museum was small, but boy was it packed with dinosaur skeletons. Two t.rexs, a full albertasaurus on the shelf, thousands of slate fish, insect, and plant fossils, and hundreds of dino skulls and models. Also, the suposively largest Shark tooth ever found, Peter Larsen, 7in. If you haven't already and you are in the area, buy a pass. It is like $10 and lasts a full year. ...
South Dakota Dinosaur Digging   Pennintgon County, South Dakota, USA
I recently went to South Dakota to go Dinosaur hunting. We went to a private ranch called tooth draw. We found many dinosaur, turtle, and croc bones and teeth from the hell creek formation.
It's a girl!   Pennintgon County, South Dakota, USA

During one of my trips to South Dakota I had the pleasure of spending a few days collecting in the Badlands with the local Federal Paleontologist. We were walking together in a dry stream bed and saw the tip of a Titanothere mandible sticking out of the wall. Without a word she starts excavating it. I figured she wants it for herself so me and my volunteers start helping. We get it half way exposed and she says " This will make a fine addition to your museum. I wa...

Rhino   Pennintgon County, South Dakota, USA
It's the Fourth of July in America and that means there will be injuries. But not by fireworks! Avid fossil collectors will be out there collecting shark teeth and trying to eat hot dogs and hamburgers at the same time. Put them both together and it spells disaster. Predictably, someone will get the two mixed together and a perplexed surgeon, at an emergency hospital, will be removing a fossil shark tooth from someone's tongue. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! Last year I collected a skull from an Oligocen...
Out of the lab for a breather   Pennintgon County, South Dakota, USA

I've been collecting a lot during this last year and have spent a lot of time doing preparation. I'll be adding posts on some of the more interesting items. I'll spend a hundred hours preparing something that took two hours to excavate. Maybe that's why so many people collect shark teeth. Minimum cleaning!







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