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Beaver trip.   Potomac River, Virginia, USA
Took my son out today and we managed seven crock teeth and a real nice ray plate. As we picked our way through downed trees we were startled by a rather large beaver at about 10 feet. I think we scared it more than he scared us because he tried to run into the river but kept bouncing off of one of the blow downs. He must have run into the same tree about four times before he finally made it to the river. ...
March Monster   Potomac River, Virginia, USA
Found a bunch of teeth today one larger otodus and a moster crock tooth, 2.27 inches long and in great shape. I carried my camera along today and got it out to take a ground shot of the crock but of course the batteries were dead. Also found a duck decoy and an Easton baseball bat....
10/2010   Potomac River, Virginia, USA
Hunting with my son today. He is six years old and can really spot teeth when he wants to but he gets distracted by everything, water, rocks, fish, crabs, sky, birds, bugs, tv (I'm not sure how along the river) and others. So as we were working our way along the beach I took a break to wait for Kenny to catch up. As I was sitting on a rock I noticed a shine from between the pebbles. When the tooth was out I couldn't believe it was the best otodus I have found so far. ...
5/18/2010 trip, nice otodus   Potomac River, Virginia, USA
The snakes were everywhere today, after regaining my composure I managed quite a few teeth but the otodus made the trip. The small oval fossil with the two groove may be a river worn ray plate. Any other ideas?...
remembering clear beaches   Potomac River, Virginia, USA
5/2/2010, the water was nice today, found a nice variety of fossils and one modern human artifact. The big otodus was a trip maker and I love the ray plates. I need help identifying the fossil in the last two pictures. ...
Winter Reading II: Beach Landings and Guard Turtles   Potomac River, Virginia, USA
sand tigers, sand tigers, sand tigers everywhere.   Potomac River, Virginia, USA

Made a short stop and found a bunch of sand tigers.  I love the doble cusps on the smaller teeth.







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