November 24, 2017  
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Deck the Hauls   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA

Over the Christmas break, da fossz and young 'uns met the weezling and myself at the poop ditch - aka Paleobum's spot. We call it that because its loaded with coprilites.

We hunted for a few hours but the backbreaking labor sapped our wills to continue before we got anything nice. For one sifter full of material, we had to bail out ground water, dig off slop / overburden, fill a bucket with layer, carry it up a slippery hill and across a narrow walkway between the ho...

The Last Fossil Hunter Standing   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA

Previously on Black River Fossils:  The vigilant BRFC fossil hunters worldwide continued to scour dank holes, viper infested waterways, and a host of other unseemly locales to extract the finest fossils from their tombs, sometimes millions of years in the making.

Today, we join our heroes on yet another fossil hunting adventure into the wild, braving sweltering heat, swarms of blood-...

Hard work with great rewards in Williamsburg Co.   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA
This report is from June 28. I was lucky to be asked by PaleoBum and Fossilman to go with them to the fossil rich pit in Williamsburg Co. The description given by Da foss was on the money. Bailing water, filling 5 gallon buckets and lugging them to the stream for sifting. Lots of croc and turtle material and more coprolite than I dreamed possible. Personal firsts were, 3 Squalicorax kaupi and 12 Serratolamna serrata. One neat aspect of the Great white teeth was ...
Down in a Muddy Hole with Dad   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA
I picked up lots of fossil poop and I found my best great white ever. I don't know why t$ couldn't find one. They were everywhere! I tried to help him but I guess he just couldn't understand....
A BRFC Gathering   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA

This was a fun day. A large group of the BRFC (PaleoBum, RockSplitr, da FossZ, DW&ThaWeezling, and RivrDigr) gathered together to do some hunting at an awesome pit that produced a lot of cool fossils. Everyone else around me seemed to be finding nice great white teeth and killer croc teeth. From time to time through out the hunt I would forget what a great white shark tooth looked like. However, my memory was frequently refre...

Top Notch Collecting   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA

Most people hate Mondays. Not me. As long as its light outside, Monday is just as good a day to collect fossils as any of the other Y ending days. Da fossz was down for three solid days of collecting, and RivrDigr was in mid-fest mode - there was no reason to suspect his rack would decrease today. t$ and the weezling went greyhound for their share of the goodies. To top it off, Rocksplitter was in town to join a little BRFC backwoods get-together with...

The Advil Club   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA

Today was a unique hunt in a new location…collecting a mix of Cretaceous era fossils, along with Paleocene, Miocene and Pleistocene fossils in the lower Pee Dee region of SC. RivrDigr continued his SC fossil pillage and DW, RockSplitr, T$ and ThaWeezling joined in to meet up with PaleoBum for an afternoon of fossil collecting in Williamsburg County. This was day 1 of my three-day fossil quest. We started the day by digging a trench to permit screening. Next, excess w...

The "Tick".   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA
I think Mrs. Bum wanted to wrap my Christmas presents today. She surprised me by reminding me that I hadn't been out collecting in six weeks. She said I had developed a tick in my left eye that meant I was going through withdrawal. I've been traveling back and forth to Florida helping my father after his stroke. I hadn't realized that it had been that long. But there was a front and back yard knee deep in leaves that needed racking. So I instantly realized that she was up to something. But who a...
Bad backs   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA
I visited the dino dig pit today. The temperature was only going as high as 74 and I looked forward to not having to sweat my butt off for once. The only problem was that I couldn't find any volunteers to go with me. Everyone had an excuse. I heard about football on TV, family reunions, etc. The only thing I didn't hear was the real underlying reason they couldn't go. They were out of shape! The dino pit requires a lot of digging, screening, sorting and carrying. And to warrant the long dri...
A bunch of croc!   Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA
During the last two years there has been a lot of dinosaur material recovered in South Carolina. The decision was made to write a book on the "Mesozoic Reptiles of South Carolina" by two prominent paleontologists. I've assisted in the collecting of material as well as providing information on the age of the layers producing the material.The age of 66-78 million years old places the material in the Late Cretaceous period. The majority of the material comes from the Black Creek Group which is Camp...






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