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Couldn't stay away from the Peace River

After such a great hunt the weekend before with my buddy, I decided that I would try heading over to the Peace River again. I wanted to be able to take decent photos and not worry about dunking my camera so I found and bought an inexpensive underwater camera. From some of the test shots I took at home I knew it would work well. The next question would be whether it would work well underwater. By Sunday I was ready to hit the river so I packed all of my gear and headed down. The weather cooperated yet again and it was absolutely gorgeous. I decided that I would try a different spot from the previous week and one that was a little closer to the river access. I really did not feel up to dealing with my kayak after having made a rather long business road trip the day before.

I got down to the river and got all of my stuff together and hit the water. I waded downstream until I found an area that, on the bottom, looked sandy but sounded crunchy and gravely once I sunk my homemade fiberglass probe into the sediment. I stayed in that spot and fanned for awhile collecting a few smaller tiger shark teeth and a couple broken meg pieces. I did manage to find a nice horse tooth and a decent-sized chunk of a rib bone. It doesn't look like it's from a dugong. Anyone have an idea? I moved downstream some more and I got a little closer to the area I was the previous week and the meg teeth finds started to increase. Of course most were broken and the couple whole ones I did find were very worn or missing most of the enamel. It didn't seem like I was there very long when a couple showed up in a canoe and piled out to do some snorkeling and some screening. They may have been there 30 minutes or so when I asked them what time it was. When they told me I couldn't believe how late it had been since I started. They left and I gave it a go for another 30 minutes trying in earnest to make another find but to no avail.

For the most part the underwater video I took turned out OK but I can tell there is going to be a learning curve before I can start adding videos to my posts. Stay tuned for the next installment.

1 available
Location Peace River, Florida, USA

Date Added5/26/2010

Scan of my fossil teeth finds
Fossilized wood, a large rib bone fragment, misc bone frag and turtle shell fragment

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Old trip to report on the Peace River.
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